Bevel Razor and Brush Review

The Bevel Razor is part of a shaving system, offered by Walker and Company. It was designed to address in-grown hairs that black men and women experience when shaving with a multi-blade cartridge.  
The razor is made of chrome-plated brass. It is a three piece razor. 
The head is unique in that the blade is totally recessed. The base plate completely surrounds the blade and the head nestles inside the base plate, except for the sharp part of the blade.
The base plate is polished chrome, while the head is satin finished chrome. The Bevel logo is engraved in the head.
The handle is long and thin. The grip part of the handle is satin chrome. 
The razor comes with blades, but I loaded an Astra blade so that the blade would not be a variable too. I will try the Bevel blade when the Astra needs replacing.
On to the shave. The blade exposure and gap are small. The first pass went smoothly. Using the Bevel Brush, and Taylor of Old Bond Street lavender soap, I had a good lather on my face. The blade cut surprisingly close. I expected a Gillette Tech type mild shave, but the Bevel produced an I still feel smooth eight hours later shave.
Rinsing and cleaning the razor was easy too.
This razor will fit nicely in my rotation.
I note that there are other razors with similar heads, namely the Bombay and the current Matador. Not having them side by side, I can’t say that they are identical.
The brush is badger. It is a bit scritchy. The brush handle matches the razor. Its biggest drawback is that the handle has no shoulder and does not hang properly in a brush stand. 

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