Gillette New Improved (1924) Shave

Shave of the Day
July 31, 2013
Grandpa’s razor week

•Tabac soap
•Muhle badger brush
•Gillette New Improved razor
•Astra blade (3)
•Pinaud Clubman Club Royale aftershave

Day three of the New Improved. I am getting used to the way it shaves.

I see a lot of similarities with the short comb NEW.

The Astra continues to perform well.

Tabac is a great soap with a strong scent. The Clubman Club Royale pairs well with it.

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Grandpa’s Razor Gillette New Improved

Shave of the Day
July 30, 2013
Grandpa’s Razor week

•Arko stick soap
•Kingsley badger brush
•Gillette New Improved razor (1924)
•Astra platinum blade (2)
•Arctic Frost Cooling Aftershave

I would classify the New Improved razor as aggressive. I got an extremely close shave yesterday. 14 hours after my shave, my face still felt like it does after just shaving with a Tech.

The razor is highly efficient. It also looks fierce, with a large blade gap.

Arko soap produces instant and abundant lather.

The Arctic Frost is from Walgreens and is similar to Aqua Velva.

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Gillette New Improved. Grandpa’s Razor

Shave of the Day
July 29, 2013

•Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender soap
•Kingsley badger brush
•Gillette New Improved Tuckaway (1924)
•Astra Platinum blade
•Pinaud Clubman Razor

Today would have been my Grandfather’s 114 birthday today, and I am shaving with his razor. I have had this razor since 1974, and it was the beginning of my collection and my love for old razors and wet shaving.

The New Improved was Gillettes first major redesign of the double edged razor. Introduced in 1921, my razor is a Tuckaway, a travel razor with a short handle and a metal case which would fit easily in a pocket or a shaving kit.

As always, the TOBS Lavender produces a great lather, and I love the scent.

The Astra blade is one of my go to blades and it pairs well with the New Improved.

Clubman provided a great finish to this shave.

Shaving with Grandpa’s razor is a great way to remember him. Grandpa, you are still missed.

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Shave of the Day
July 28, 2013

•D R Harris Windsor Soap
•Kingsley badger brush
•Weber polished head razor with bulldog handle
•Shark stainless blade (1)
•Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla aftershave

Great shave with the Weber. New Shark blade. The Windsor is a great soap, easy to lather and a great scent. Finished with Classic Vanilla from Pinaud Clubman.

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Gem Micromatic ClogPruf

Shave of the Day
July 26, 2013
Gem/EverReady Week (2)

•Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender soap
•Kingsley badger brush
•Gem Micromatic Clogpruf razor
•Gem stainless steel blade
•Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla

I took me several tries before I could shave safely with the Clogpruf. It is a very aggressive and efficient razor.

The TOBS Lavender is among the best in my den, due to its lather, lubrication, and the scent.

The Clubman Classic Vanilla is a warm scent that lasts a long time.

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Gem Micromatic Open Comb

Shave of the Day
July 25, 2013
Gem/EverReady Week (2)

•Proraso red tub soap
•Kingsley badger brush
•Gem Micromatic Open Comb razor
•Gem stainless steel blade
•Pinaud Lilac Vegetal aftershave

One of my favorite Gems, the MMOC shaves efficiently. The Proraso is a wonderful soap that lathers easily and provided great lubrication. What can I say about Lilac Vegetal. You either love it or hate it.

Up for tomorrow, the Gem Micromatic Clogpruf.

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