Gillette Old Type Razor

Shave of the Day
November 11, 2013
Veterans Day
Armistice Day began to mark the end of the Great War.  The Armistice was signed on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918.  

Today’s shave is with a WWI razor.  
Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender soap
Ever-Ready 200M razor 
Gillette old type razor 
Gillette  7 o’clock blade
Stetson Cooling Moisture aftershave


Gillette One Piece Tech, Milord Model

Shave of the Day
November 2, 2013

Proraso green tub soap
Muhle badger brush
Gillette Milord (1940)
Kai blade (4)
Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue aftershave
Yes, I know that the Milord is my favorite razor.  I will be using other razors thus month.  The Cobra, the Merkur Progress, the Merkur and iKon slants, and the Gillette Black Beauty adjustable and the Fat Boy are all in the wings. So many razors, so little time.


Gillette Long Comb NEW Razor

Shave of the Day
OC tober 18, 2013
Frugal Friday!
Van Der Hagen soap $1.79
Van Der Hagen boar brush $4.66
Gillette Long Comb NEW Razor $5.00
Shark Super Chrome blade (3) $0.12
Brisk Aftershave $2.70
The NEW is a great razor.  Easy to use and very efficient.  

$14.27 worth of products at today’s prices.


Gillette New Improved

Shave of the Day
OC tober 7, 2013

DR Harris Windsor soap
Ever-Ready 200M boar brush
Gillette New Improved Razor
Shark Stainless Steel blade (2)
Pinaud Clubman aftershave
A nice close shave from the New Improved, but a bit more tug.  Not sure whether it is the razor, the blade, or the angle.  Love the Widsor soap.  I bought the Windsor for the bowl, because I could not get a bowl with lavender.  I will probably buy another bowl of Windsor.