Gillette Short Comb NEW

Shave of the Day
OC tober 21, 2013

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood soap
Ever-Ready 200M boar brush
Gillette Short Comb NEW razor
Bluebird blade (1)
Old Spice aftershave
After five days with the Long Comb NEW, I move to the Short Comb NEW.  The NEW was the last of the three piece open comb razors Gillette made.  


Gillette Long Comb NEW Razor

Shave of the Day
OC tober 18, 2013
Frugal Friday!
Van Der Hagen soap $1.79
Van Der Hagen boar brush $4.66
Gillette Long Comb NEW Razor $5.00
Shark Super Chrome blade (3) $0.12
Brisk Aftershave $2.70
The NEW is a great razor.  Easy to use and very efficient.  

$14.27 worth of products at today’s prices.