Gillette One Piece Tech, Milord Model

Shave of the Day
November 2, 2013

Proraso green tub soap
Muhle badger brush
Gillette Milord (1940)
Kai blade (4)
Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue aftershave
Yes, I know that the Milord is my favorite razor.  I will be using other razors thus month.  The Cobra, the Merkur Progress, the Merkur and iKon slants, and the Gillette Black Beauty adjustable and the Fat Boy are all in the wings. So many razors, so little time.


Gillette Milord

Shave of the Day
November 1, 2013
Proraso Red Tub soap
Kingsley badger brush
Gillette Milord 1940
Kai Stainless Steel Blade (3)
Aqua Velva Redwood aftershave
Open Combs retired for a while. Back to the Milord.  

After considerable thought, no Movember.  


Gillette One Piece Tech

Shave of the Day
September 18, 2013

•Tabac soap
•Ever-Ready boar brush
•Gillette One Piece Tech Milord razor
•Gillette Silver Blue blade (5)
•Pinaud Clubman Club Royale aftershave

Again with that 1940 Milord. I have never had a better shave. I used the diagonal pattern recommended by Gillette. It produced an amazingly close shave.

Tabac is the most amazing soap. A unique scent and lather that is unstoppable.

The Club Royale is strong enough to stand up to the Tabac scent.

My well worn Milord has earned a place in my permanent rotation (that is if I use any other razor again).