Gillette New Improved

Shave of the Day
OC tober 7, 2013

DR Harris Windsor soap
Ever-Ready 200M boar brush
Gillette New Improved Razor
Shark Stainless Steel blade (2)
Pinaud Clubman aftershave
A nice close shave from the New Improved, but a bit more tug.  Not sure whether it is the razor, the blade, or the angle.  Love the Widsor soap.  I bought the Windsor for the bowl, because I could not get a bowl with lavender.  I will probably buy another bowl of Windsor.


Schick Krona

Shave of the Day
September 15, 2013

•Proraso green tub soap
•Kingsley badger brush
•Schick Krona razor
•Personna blade (3)
•Pinaud Clubman

The Personna blades are unmarked, so once they are loaded, I have to remember what they are. These are the Israeli blades with UK packaging.

So far so good. Sharp enough to pair with the Krona.

Clubman for the finish.


Milord 1940

Shave of the Day
September 11, 2013

•La Toja stick soap
•Ever-Ready 200M boar brush
•Gillette Milord razor (1940)
•Gillette Silver Blue Blade (3)
•Pinaud Clubman aftershave

The 1940 Milord is the best TTO I have ever used. It gives me a BBS shave with no nicks or weepers. While this razor has lost most of its gold plating, the base metal is a lovely brass.

The La Toja produced a great and fragrant lather. Whenever I use a stick, I have to force myself to remember to use the brush. I tend to jump from the stick to the razor.

Clubman is always a fresh way to start the day.

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