iKon Slant

Shave of the Day
August 23, 2013

•Proraso green tub soap
•Kingsley badger brush
•iKon slant razor (1)
•Astra SP blade (1)
•Proraso aftershave

Lather the Proraso thick. Here comes the long awaited iKon Slant. Still in very short supply the hunt is like the hunt for the Cabbage Patch Doll. I usually don’t participate in the almost futile attempt to snag items in short supply. But, for this one, I calmly placed the order with Bullgoose, and waited for delivery.

Here it is.

My full review will be after a week or so of use, but I can say that it does make a lot of noise as it works and I was ready to shave with it again as soon as I finished the first shave.

The Astra blade seemed like a good first choice since I know its sharpness and Astras perform well in all of my razors.

Proraso start and finish, what could be better?

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