Shave of the Day
September 12, 2013

•Omega shave cream
•Omega boar brush
•Gillette Milord razor (4)
•Gillette Silver Blue blade
•Aqua Velva Classic Blue aftershave

An early start today. My son needs to be dropped off for an appointment at 8am. I expect to be early for work.

Omegas for prep, Gilletes for the shave and Aqua Velva for the post.


Gillette Standard Old Type

Shave of the Day
August 12, 2013

•Omega Shaving Cream
•Kingsley badger brush
•Gillette Standard (old type) 1917
•Gillette Silver Blue blade (3)
•Mennen Cooling Blue Skin Bracer aftershave

Back to the past; the Gillette old type Standard from 1917. This razor can dangerous, but used correctly, it is one sweet razor.

I am liking the Omega, but I still would pick the soap over the cream.

The Cooling Blue is a great finish to the shave.

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Gillette Milord TTO

Shave of the Day
August 9, 2013

•Omega Shaving Cream:(
•Kingsley badger brush
•Gillette Milord razor
•Bluebird blade (6)
•Old Spice O S aftershave

I don’t like creams, but for the third time Amazon sent a cream when I ordered a soap. The invoice lists what I ordered, but they picked the wrong product. At least the Omega products are packaged identically, with the only difference being the word soap vs cream. Last time I got two tubes of Proraso when I ordered Tubs.

Enough complaining, the Omega was great. The Milord again performed well with no sign of pulling, even on the sixth use of the blade.

O S is a great finish to any shave. I love the citrus base. My supply is almost gone.

It’s Friday!

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